Parents as Teachers

Need parenting support?

We know that all parents want what’s best for their child, but being a new parent can be a challenge. Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher and the YWCA Parents as Teachers program supports them in this role.

Our program partners with parents to get their child ready for kindergarten and on the path for success. We use the Parents as Teachers curriculum to support families in the parenting process, with a focus on early childhood. Children involved in this program build larger vocabularies, increase reading scores, and are better prepared for kindergarten.


We provide families with the tools to support their children.

Our program works specifically with new parents under the age of 25, or parents under the age of 25 who have two children under the age of 5, born within 2 ½ years of each other. This program benefits families who want to learn more about their child’s development and increase their child’s success in life and in school.

Program Services

  • Parents are provided with child development information through personalized home visits, with a focus on developing motor skills, language development, intellectual growth and social-emotional development.
  •  Group connections and activities for families, examples include: trips to Strong Museum of Play and the Seneca Park Zoo.
  • Parent educators provide evidence based screenings designed to detect potential developmental delays and/or health issues to increase the child’s school readiness.
  • Support from the Parent Services Navigator focused on additional needs and goals such as housing, child care, employment and enrolling in education or mental health services.

Referrals to the program are made by contacting Beth Russell (Young Adult Services Supervisor) (585) 368-2227 or

Program Staff:

Beth Russell (Young Adult Services Supervisor): (585) 368-2227,

April Allen (Parent Services Navigator): (585) 368-2204,

Erin Gueli (Parent Educator): (585) 368-2246,

Oscia Miles (Parent Educator): (585) 368-2248,

Betsy Wilson (Parent Educator): (585) 368-2241,