What is Person2Person? Connection is powerful

Eight sessions designed for the mid to high level executive, the Person2Person program partners each participant with a counterpart from another participating organization. Partners will be paired as two individuals who identify differently racially and/or ethnically.

Person2Person provides a platform for rich dialogues covering topics that are traditionally excluded from a business setting. Participants of Person2Person will be encouraged to engage in conversations highlighting race relations, unconscious biases, cultural differences and institutional racism.

Person2Person Creates Prosperity

With an esteemed group of alumni, Person2Person has been noted as an inspiration relating to diversity initiatives in both the private and non-profit sectors. While achieving greater social value is an important component, research has shown there is a clear business case for Person2Person.

Businesses with a more diverse workforce have more customers, higher revenues and profits, greater market share, less absenteeism and turnover, and a higher level of commitment to their organization.

Preparing Your People: Start a conversation

Curriculum themes include: creating an equitable and inclusive organization, racial disparities in organizational settings; mitigating points of biases; dismantling institutional/systemic racism.

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