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Your gift to YWCA and the Steppingstone program will help our residents and their families to move forward and rebuild their lives.

Through clinical programming, individual and group counseling and the safety and sanctuary of YWCA housing, they are finding their own paths to recovery through empowerment.

At YWCA we believe an obstacle in the path of the weak is a steppingstone in the path of the strong — which is why our program is named Steppingstone.

Your end of year gift to YWCA will provide a steppingstone of support for women and families who are on the path to recovery.

Please, share your gift of health and hope.

On May 15, 2019 I moved into my apartment at the YWCA Steppingstone treatment program. I know it sounds weird, but drug court saved my life. After detox at Parkridge and Evenlyn Brandon outpatient I knew the only way I was going to ever get better was if I stayed clean. The fear of jail was my best motivation to stay clean—for myself and for my kids. YWCA was there to help me get mainstreamed back into life. They provided me a home and the program I needed to stay clean and they also cared about me. They helped me understand that I was powerful enough to fight this fight.

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