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Warm Beds

Life at YWCA emergency shelter for Sara and her daughter, Clara, might be not be what you may think.

Each morning they wake up in their own room and have breakfast in the large community kitchen.  After gathering their backpacks and hopping on the bus Sara drops her daughter at school and then walks a few blocks to work.  Later in the afternoon Sara picks up Clara and while riding the bus home listens to her daughter’s chatter about her busy day.   When the bus pulls up in front of their home they gather their things and walk up the stairs into YWCA.  They see their neighbors as they ride the elevator and they unlock the door to their room where Clara plays with her few toys while Sara checks her emails. Later Sara and Clara walk down the hall to see what is for dinner.  It’s not home like you and I may think of home, but is their home tonight and every night until they find their new home out in the community.

Your gift to YWCA will help provide the safety and sanctuary Sara and Clara deserve.  Your gift will help provide a warm bed, a hot meal and a supportive community invested in their success.  Your gift will help open the doors to their future as YWCA staff assist them in finding their permanent home in our community.

And your gift will ensure that the support Sara and Clara came to count on while living at YWCA continues as they find their own paths to empowerment.

Please join the mission and make a gift to YWCA today.

KeyBank is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Warm Beds Campaign, opening doors to the future of women and families by investing in the work of YWCA.  KeyBank Empowers Change.

Each gift of $50 you make during the Warm Beds campaign provides one night of a private room and a hot, home cooked meal and other YWCA services women and families deserve.