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YWCA Used Vehicle Donation Program

Considering donating your used vehicle to charity?

YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County partners with Wilbert’s U-Pull It, a local family owned business.

When you donate your vehicle with us, you are helping to create a healthier, more sustainable earth. The donated vehicles will be ‘up-cycled’ by Wilbert’s U-Pull It. Wilbert’s U-Pull It is a state of the art Automotive recycling company.  They use innovative recycling technology to ensure the most of each vehicle is being reused by members of the community, or recycled to create new products with a smaller, less harmful footprint on our environment. When you donate you are not only changing a life in your community you are changing the earth we all share.

Donating through Wilbert’s, as opposed to a national organization, ensures the entire amount of the worth of your vehicle will be donated directly to YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County.  

  • We donate the ENTIRE VALUE of your vehicle to YWCA.  Wilberts won’t charge anyone for the donation process.*
  •  Your money helps our community!
  • We’ll fill out the paperwork so you don’t have to!  We make sure we respond quickly and keep everything as worry- and hassle-free as possible.
  • All usable parts will be reused, all metals recycled, and all hazardous fluids are drained in the most responsible, environmentally friendly way possible.

*Please contact us for towing details.  Vehicle must be within a certain distance from our location, or we may deduct a small towing fee.

Donating your vehicle is truly a win-win decision.  


Click Here to Donate Your Vehicle