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STAND Against Racism: Sparking Change

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STAND Against Racism:  Sparking Change Virtual Experience April 14th 9:00AM-2:00PM

YWCA is committed to harnessing the collective power of our community in service to the mission of equity for all.  The STAND Against Racism:  Sparking Change Virtual Experience was developed in partnership with Ibero-American Action League, Urban League and United Way with support from Action for a Better Community, Coordinated Care Services and Sara Taylor.

Building off United Way of Greater Rochester’s 21-Day Equity Challenge, STAND seeks to continue the fight to eliminate racism in our community by providing actionable items to extend community participation in meaningful action in the fight for equity.

Attendees will continue their experience post-event through an innovative “Spark Partner” concept built off the YWCA Person2Person curriculum.

How can you take a STAND Against Racism?

Pledge to end racism through action and attitudes.

Join the mission by attending the STAND Against Racism:  Sparking Change Virtual Experience

9:00AM         Welcome                     Dr. Myra Henry, YWCA President & CEO

                        Ignite the Fire           Keynote with Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

10:10AM      Feed the Fire              Individuals as Agents of Change

12:00PM      Fire Keepers               Policy, Decision Makers and Accountability

1:30PM        Burning Bright           Dr. Myra Henry

1: 40PM       Fan the Flame            End Note

Presented by our partners, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

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