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Rapid Rehousing

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Easing the Transition

Nothing makes us prouder than seeing women leave our emergency housing program. It means they’re ready to become successful members of the community. 

To ease the transition, YWCA case managers work with women and families to identify their home in the community and continue to develop the tools they need to become self-sufficient and maintain stable housing. It’s all about helping participants meet the challenges of living successfully on their own.

Program Details:

  • Over 90% of women in this program remained in stable, continuous housing for one year; this is an enormous achievement for women whose lives are often marked by housing instability before coming to the YWCA

  • Up to one year of follow-up support is available to ensure success in maintaining housing stability

  • Experienced, trained staff help women overcome the effects of domestic violence and other trauma

     For more information on the YWCA’s Rapid Rehousing program, please call (585) 546-5820.


    Always Moving Forward

    “The YWCA is all about helping you feel better about yourself and get back on your feet.”

    Anita and her two daughters became homeless last year when she lost her job.

    She came to the YWCA's Emergency Housing program in November. One month later, she was able to move into a new apartment with plenty of room for her little girls to grow and thrive. 

    While taking part in the Rapid Rehousing program, Anita continues to look for a full-time job.  She's also begun taking child development courses to earn her CDA credential.  Her goal is to open her own day care center so she can better provide for her family's future.

    “I just want what’s best for my children.”