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Opening Doors

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Former Racial Justice Committee Co-Chair Penny Crudup after an Opening Doors presentation at the YWCA

Racism exists because of silence, isolation, fear, and denial.  We believe that by creating space where diverse groups of people can thoughtfully examine racism and learn, not just how to think differently but also how to act differently, we move towards our goal.

The “Opening Doors” Workshop is a 45 minute facilitated discussion to help spark dialogue on what racism means today.  Participants watch a brief video about the different experiences two women have renting an apartment.  After the video, facilitators ask participants questions about what they saw and call for discussion on the issues raised.

In addition, the YWCA’s Racial Justice Committee meets monthly to discuss “Opening Doors” events and address both personal and community-wide racial justice experiences with a diverse group of volunteers.

To view the Opening Doors brochure, click here.  To volunteer or to schedule an “Opening Doors” presentation or a training, contact David Mancuso at (585) 368-2260 or dmancuso@ywcarochester.org.