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Volunteer Spotlight

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Much More than a Hot Meal

Stacey Culver has been volunteering with the YWCA since 1994.  Twice a month she shares her love of cooking and food with women in our Emergency Housing program. Over the years, Stacey has demonstrated her commitment to others, but she is quick to point out that she "gets as much out of volunteering as she gives." 

"Getting to know the women at the YWCA has expanded my horizons and given me a whole new perspective on homelessness." Stacey says, "I have met women here who are talented and well educated - even women with master's degrees."  Before vounteering at the YWCA, she says she believed that homelessness happened "to other people."  Now she understands it can, and does, happen to anyone. 

Asked to name the most meaningful part of volunteering, Stacey says there are two definite highlights - the relationships she has developed and how appreciative everyone is that she is willing to share her time and talents.  "I can even experiment with new recipes and no one complains!"

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to contact volunteer coordinator Ruth Kramer, click here.