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Mentoring Opportunities

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Leading by Example

The YWCA’s Lunch Buddy program offers pregnant and parenting teens the opportunity to visit local businesses and nonprofit agencies to learn about careers. Employees from local offices invite one or more young mothers taking part in the YWCA’s program to their place of work and provide lunch and insights on the career paths they have chosen.







A Lunch Buddy visit to City Hall

Lunch Buddy visits often include a tour of the workplace and the chance to ask questions. Teens are encouraged to inquire about current opportunities as well as the skills and education needed to obtain a job in that field.

Examples of past Lunch Buddy events:

  • a visit to a law firm
  • a visit to the City of Rochester
  • a visit to MCC Damon Campus
  • To learn more about the Lunch Buddy program or to schedule a visit to your place of work, please call (585) 546-5820.


    College and Beyond

    “I want the best for my daughter and for myself.”

    Sharmaine, who graduated high school in 2010 as part of the YWCA's School-Age Parents program, just completed her freshman year at Roberts Wesleyan College with a major in social work.

    “When it came time to decide what to do after high school, my YWCA case manager was a great source of support. She didn’t tell me what to do, but she helped me to carefully look at my options and come up with a decision that would be best for me and my daughter.”

    During her first year at Roberts Wesleyan, Sharmaine took part in the YWCA's Successful Futures for Youth program.  Seven other young mothers who graduated high school in 2010 and went on to college this year also took part in the program.

    More Information

    You can help more young mothers graduate.

    Your gift today helps provide teens on seven high school campuses one-on-one mentoring and academic support as well as guidance navigating college admissions and financial aid.