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A Successful Student.  A Successful Person.

Many teens in our community are faced with very adult issues.  Teen pregnancy is an unsettling reality - one out of every five babies born in Rochester is born to a teen girl, twice the national average.  Nearly 40% of Rochester's youth are living in poverty, many in neighborhoods where violence and drugs are commonplace.   Yet, with support and encouragement, teens are able to focus on creating a brighter future, a new reality.

Each year, our Youth Services Program prepares hundreds of young people to lead healthy, productive and self-sustaining lives.

With a new sense of purpose and valuable life skills, the teens we serve achieve academic success and find meaningful employment.  Young mothers create stable and nurturing lives for their children.

Focus on the Future

The YWCA helps teens finish high school, explore college or career training, delay pregnancy or meet the challenges of early parenting. 

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